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The Australia My Land Associate Marketplace; Targeted Promotions

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Australia My Land Associate Market - AML-AM

Australia My Land Associate Marketplace Targeted Promotions Stacpoole Internet is the official Project Development Manager and 'master mind' behind the Australia My Land Associate Market [AML-AM] with it's wide range of beneficial advertising and marketing options, based on an idea Robert Wilson had about an 'all Australian online shopping center'.

Centered around the AUSTRALIA MY LAND.COM.AU travel and business information website it is group of websites that provide a Business Initiative that adds value to your advertising dollar.

Targeted Promotions

Having over 10 years experience in building websites and following the progress of different marketing strategies put in place over that time for our clients, as well as the continued evolution of the AML project, it has been found that the best promotion of a website is by the network of other websites it is associated with.

Therefore the advertising of our clients websites on other relevant websites as well as on the highly listed AML project websites has helped push our clients pages higher in most of the relevant searches for their businesses, producing more traffic.

Your inclusion to the AML group of Associates gives you the option to further utilise the AML-AM programme in promoting your business online.

Receive with your AML-AM Targeted Promotion

•  Website advertising on the AML network website/s of your choice **

•  Website advertising on other AML-AM Associates Websites as appropriate and acceptable

•  A complimentary AML-AM ASSOCIATE PROFILE WEBSITE to assist in promoting your business website

•  Listings in Australia My Land.BIZ Business Directory

** a variety of packages are available starting at just AUD$565

Please feel free to contact us at to obtain more information'about AML Targeted Promotions

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