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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Stacpoole Internet to both develop and market my Web presence?

Yes you can! With over 45 years of marketing and sales experience Lyle can certainly help you with the new World Wide Web market which is a fair bit different to regular retail sales.

Can I get Stacpoole Internet to register my Domain name and Host my site?

Yes you can! Stacpoole Internet can register your name for you in your own account with associate Name Registrar Aboutime Web Domains. We also have our own Virtual Private Server especially ready to host any website you want them to build for you.

What type of websites do Stacpoole Internet build?

Stacpoole Internet have experience in dynamic websites, databases and payment options. Moreover, Stacpoole Internet know when to use these technologies to sell the business it is meant to. Many times website developers get carried away with what they can do and forget that they are building a website to promote the business the site is supposed to promote.

Can Stacpoole Internet help me promote my website with SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a very important part of Website Development. Stacpoole Internet build all their sites to specific SEO techniques and can offer regular SEO support.

Who owns the website you build for me?

You commission Stacpoole Internet to develop and build your Website. Stacpoole Internet thus keep a copy of the files used to create the site. However YOU own the site and can ask for the files at any time and take the project to another developer if you need to for any reason.

Does Stacpoole Music and Internet know anything about trading on e-Bay?

Yes! Stacpoole Music and Internet have e-Bay Trading Training courses that can help you learn not just about e-Bay trading but many Web Marketing opportunities.

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