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Selling: It's All About Knowing Your Market

The problematical aspect of building a website is the need to 'advertise your advertising'!

Yes, a website can hold as much information as you can put on it, and the more information, clearly presented, the better. And there is no need to be overtly flashy and entertaining, in fact in some markets that would be detrimental to the opportunities of selling.

However even to build a good, working website is only half the job done.

Stacpoole Internet and associates can help you to market your website presence so that your business actually benefits from the site and it in turn actively advertises and expands your business.

It's About Getting The Right Help!

A client asked us to put something 'flashy' on his front page and we saw a danger that he could not. We asked him to open a particular webpage, and asked him after 3 or 4 minutes what he was looking at.

He was still enthralled by the flash picture graphics and when we asked him about the site he had not even taken any notice of it.

He got the point, saved his money and got two new simple websites built instead. With these two sites he was able to advertise to a more extensive and varied market.


Website SEO Promotional Infographics

A Infographic with Stacpoole Internet includes options to promote a website on the pages of AUSTRALIA MY LAND and PROJECT WEBSITES.

AML-AM Website Gold Infographics

Website Promotions on the Australia My Land network, produced by Stacpoole Internet as it's major developer, starts at just $685 per year and include the following additions:-

• Photo and Caption Infographic Ad with website links on multiple sites

• Associate Profile Website in the Australia My Land Associate Marketplace [AML-AM]


Extensive Marketing Support

Lyle Stacpoole has added a Diploma of Marketing to his Bachelor of Arts degree and along with over 40 years experience in sales, marketing and running various businesses he can help with establishing a Marketing Plan for your business and website.

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