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Responsive Mobile Website Design

Going Mobile: App and RWD for Phones, Notebooks and Tablets

Responsive Web Design - Getting the Most from Your Website Domain!

Not only can Stacpoole Internet build you a Search Engine and visitor friendly website that will promote your products and services online we can make it responsive to any device that is being used to view it.

More and more people are using their tablets, i-pads and mobile phones to search the internet and allthough all our websites have been built over the years in an 'all-device friendly' format the new codes of GRID and RWD formatted by Ary of JustuKlix especially for Stacpoole Internet moves us into the next generation of website design while still holding onto the values we hold as website designers.

Mobile App for Mobile Phones

A specially designed Mobile Application of your website makes it easier to access and read without the issue of 'enlarging' small print; Plus our special design has prominent buttons that will allow the visitor to either email you or call right from their device!

Having worked with this design now since 2014 our clients are happy with the ease with which people can contact them while we stick with our rigid principle of making it easy for the visitor to find required information on a small mobile device and navigate to the various pages without losing their way or getting frustrated with going around in circles.

Therefore although we have moved ahead using RWD with website design for small tablets and notebooks the feedback from our clients is to simply provide more content on the JustuKlix designed Mobile App.

It's About Getting The Right Help!

"Hi Lyle, I just wanted to thank you for doing the mobile phone responsive website design for me. It has been working extremely well, generating more enquiry's for me already." Lani M.



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GRID and RWD for Notebooks and Tablets

Although Responsive Web Design has been around for a few years the template codes for building in it was heavy and SEO retrictive. With the more recent advent of GRID design and especially the codes that Ary has put together for us we are building websites not only that are responsive but that are light in code and thus SEO friendly.

With many businessmen and other operators taking thier work with them on tablets and notebooks [small laptops] our websites show up nice and neat according to the size of the screen BUT most importantly WITHOUT compromising content, outline or the ease of following menus and the 'way around' the website.

We still recommend the additional 'Mobile App' for the very small mobile phone screens because it makes it easy for potential clients to press a button right at the top of the page content to either email or phone direct from the phone.


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