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Search Engine Optimisation; SEO

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Why is SEO so important

Well actually in many accepted respects it is NOT!

Additional SEO is not required if a website is properly constructed and additional Social Marketing and Advertising is used to promote the website.

One of the most frequent mistakes found by Stacpoole Internet is that once a business has a website online they think that the website is going to now do ALL the work of marketing the business and that other means of advertising can be forgotten! Many then fall into paying 'scammers' money to try and get their websites 'on page one'.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

Advertise Your Advertising

Matt Cutts from Google make the point that a business should be thinking outside of just Search Engine activity to promote their website. Matt says that one should ask "What can I do to market my website, to get more well-known within my community, without only thinking about Search Engines"


Good Techniques for Website Development

Most websites today are built by graphic designers often using programmes like Word Press to design and build the website. These might work well for many non-business websites but if you want to attract attention of both visitors and search engines then there are more important basics to follow.

•  Using a basic HTML5 language editor means less code (that gets in the way of search engines) and more content

     - ratio should be 70% content (readable to search engines) to 30% code; NOT the other way around!

•  Easy to follow HTML links and Graphics - Search Engines do not read and follow Javascript

•  Keep each pages content to the subject of the page; do not clutter with ads and links that confuse visitors

•  Use only 'white hat' techniques if linking to other websites

•  Make regular updates to the site; Search Engines love to see active websites

Do not fall for the trap of paying a so-called SEO Manager hundreds of dollars a month when that money could be used on:-

•  Other Advertising; flyers, magazine, newspaper, billboards, signage (car etc)

•  Continual Content Based Website Development

•  Social Marketing; AML-AM, Google Plus, LinkIn, Youtube, Facebook

•  Additional Website Options; additional domains with entry pages etc.


Maile Ohye, Developer Programmes Tech Lead at Google makes the comment that "if someone promises to get you to page one then they are dodgy to start with".


Youtube is the second most used search engine in the entire world

Though Google owns Youtube, its search algorithm can be considered a little old as the major engines abandoned the concepts used by Youtube a while back. This does not mean though that the use of Youtube to optimise your website presence is 'out of date', in fact it is only just starting to have a major influence on website rankings on other Search Engines.

Stacpoole Internet learned quite early in its start-up phase that video is not only influential but 'viral'. No that does not mean you can catch 'nasties' from it - it means that word can be spread very quickly when a video becomes popular.

However 'video' does not have to mean strictly 'video movie' but 'slideshow video' can be easily put together and placed on Youtube (as well as on Google Plus and Facebook).


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