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Social Marketing Optimisation; SMO

Social Media [SMO - Social Marketing Optimisation]

 • With your assistance we identify your goals

 • We define who you want to reach with your ad

 • We create your ad and set your budget

 • AML-AM - Google Plus - Facebook - LinkedIn - Others

AML-AM - The Australia My Land Associate Market

Our very own and uniquely developed Australia My Land Associate Marketplace is not just a Social Media option but a comprehensive Business Initiative involving Business and Personal Associates.

Released to the public April 12th 2014 it has already a thousand plus Associates who have registered, with many businesses already finding a marked improvement in business exposure.

Cleaner and easier to view by the whole public (not just other AML-AM Associates) than many other social options there is no need to login to view business profiles and the options to increase exposure within the programme are unique.

PLUS! "There IS a PLUS" - Anyone who wishes to can make a few dollars from promoting Aussie and other Businesses - even FREE Associates and Business Associates can earn a little extra money!

Lyle Stacpoole and Licence AML-AM

Google Plus

With the backing of the powerful Search Engine provider Google Plus is a clean and optimal Social Media alternative.

Google Plus is fast becoming a favourite among businesses around the world as it is easier to interact with others and segregate associates into Family, Friends or Internet Circles.

Google Plus Profiles as well as Ad Words and Google Maps set-up and maintenance are provided by Stacpoole Internet.

Lyle Stacpoole Music Google Plus

Go Facebook Corporate reaches 400 million users worldwide. What used to be just a few college kids sharing pictures, has turned into the second most popular website on the Internet.

According to Nielsen, Facebook has attracted a unique audience of about 116 million domestic users as of Jan. 2010.

Go Facebook Corporate design, set-up and maintenance is provided by JUSTUKLIX.

Lyle Stacpoole Facebook Fanpage

AML-AM, Google Plusand Go Facebook Corporate are just THREE avenues of Social Media Stacpoole Internet use for unique new marketing strategies. We can help you be there where it counts - to be seen!

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